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FT Truss

There are five standard shapes of FT trusses with total of 25 truss lines in our portfolio. Each truss line differs in shape, size and strength, however, they all have the same quicklock connection.
TAF Truss Aluminium UK | FT Truss

The FT or fast truss category incorporates 25 different truss lines that all have one thing in common and that is the way the truss segments are attached to each other. The quicklock connection makes it very easy an simple to connect and disconnect individual truss pieces. That means the labor time is cut down to minimum. The FT trusses are also called spigoted as the quicklock connection is carried out by conical connectors inserted into the main tubes of the trusses and conical safety pins or spigots. These are hammered into the tubes with connectors inside them in order to establish a secure and firm connection. Finally, the pins are secured by safety clips or R-clips preventing the accidental fall out.


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