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New PA Vertical Tower 1

Introducing our new PA Vertical Tower 1 (PAV1)! It’s the right choice for safely and securely hanging heavy speaker arrays at your large-scale events. And due to its versatile design, the PAV1 not only serves as an independent PA tower or part of your stage setup, but also as stable support for LED walls.


Utilizing our specially designed top section and heavy-duty HT44 or TT44 truss segments with quicklock connection system, you are provided with certified loading up to 1,000 kg, at heights up to 8 meters. 


Stability is ensured by its robust base, which accepts ballast up to 2,000 kg and features strategically placed attachment points for guy wires or manual/electric hoists. Uneven ground is easily tamed by its four independent spindles for safe and stable horizontal leveling. Outriggers are available for additional stability when required.


  • High strength and stable support of speaker arrays or LED screens
  • 1,000 kg max. loading
  • 8 meters max. height
  • Choice between HT44 or TT44 truss segments with quicklock connection system for quick and easy setup
  • Robust top section with hanging points
  • Up to 2,000 kg ballast on compact base with 4 independent spindles for convenient levelling
  • Attachment points on base for guy wires and manual/electric hoists


Contact us on 01922 495 396 or sales@taf-uk.com for more information or to request a price quote. You can also learn more about it by clicking here.


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