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Products / Clamps / 8033-B


Black design of light duty double clamp  or swivel coupler with maximum loading capacity of 200 kg (440 lb) for the standard truss tube sizes of 48-51 mm (1.9-2.0"). Narrow light clamp that is ideal for placing in between the truss braces or close to them. Thus it can be placed at more spots on the trussing segments. Ideal for coupling of lighter pipes, another trusses and equipment. Swivel coupler can be used with the complete pipe and truss range from FT31 to TT74 trussing series in our portfolio. The additional feature of rotating each half of the swivel clamp to different angles, gives more versatility and creativity to truss installations wherever this swivel coupler is used.



48-51mm (1.9-2.0 inch)


0,68 kg (1.50 lb)

Loading Capacity

200 kg (440 lb)

Box size

145x115x33 mm

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