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World’s biggest trampoline with our truss frame rocks

We have been serving entertainment industry with high quality truss solutions for over 20 years. The projects we took part in have been of various difficulties and natures and this time we had an opportunity to provide truss for the world’s biggest trampoline. Truss is used as a frame for a thin net, that is suspended on a huge crane allowing to jump 30 m (100 ft) above ground.


The frame itself is designed out of TT44 truss series that features standard truss design of 400x400mm, very high load bearing capacities and heavy duty performance characteristics. The installation was designed with respect to special distributed and dynamic loads. The frame consist of straight beams and corners with quicklock connection system that offers high level of strength and durability while still making it very easy to assemble the structure. The construction is imposed to significant dynamic forces. Therefore it had to be assessed by structural engineer to obtain a proper static assessment.  As all our loading charts are calculated for static models this was a necessity.


Truss system TT44 is a type of welded aluminium truss with quick-lock connections. The main tubes have same dimensions Ø 50/4.0. In each flat (4) of this truss are diagonal braces from Ø25/3.0 tubes. 


Assembly joints between truss elements are designed as spigot connections (quick-lock connection system). That’s a type of pin connection with an inner conical connector secured with steel pins (spigots) at the end of main chord tubes. The ends are modified by welding of special cone tubes. The inner conical connector has effective Ø approx. 29 mm. Fixings are made with two pins – Ø 12-67 - conical in ration 1:20, max. diam. 11,95 mm, length 67,0 mm. Manufacturing class all our trusses is EXC 2.


Trampoline project shows yet another variety of standard truss application and we are proud to be part of it. The project was realized in cooperation with our representative of rental company STRC in Slovenia.

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