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Introducing new, innovative and functional products to the market is one of the hardest parts in the life of any successful company. Such a goal can be achieved in many ways and one of them is simply a modification to already existing product. That is exactly what our Vario Plate (#3010) item is about. We took our top selling product FT34-MCB boxcorner and push its versatility to another level.

As you may know the multi connection box works as a universal item for creating any kind of 90° corner you need from 2-way corner to 6-way corner.  The Vario Plate introduces the possibility of creating three different angles 45°, 60° and 67.5° with the MCB product.

The plate itself will not do the trick so here is a list of standard truss products and accessories that you will need in order to be able to successfully mount the angled corner from standard MCB product. First of all you need 2 pcs of vario plates (#3010), one FT34-32F frame reduction, 8 pcs of #3116 – Halfconnector male steel with M12 thread including bolts and a proper size of allen key to be able to assembly and tighten everything properly together. The time of assembly is ca. 20 minutes.

The vario plate is available in specific sizes for lines FT34, HT34, FT44, HT44 and TT44. We try to make the most of every piece of truss that we produce and at the same time we hope that our innovations will help you do the same with your truss installations.


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