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Tower systems represent an important part of all professionally installed events as without them the process of creating proper truss grids or roof systems can turn into a very complicated task.


Of course, all begins with the size of the roof system or truss grid that is required for your event. As for now we carry seven different types of Towers in our portfolio. Four towers are used in truss grids, LED frames and roof systems assemblies and three towers are so called PA Towers, for individual sound system hanging. Let us focus on the standard tower systems, their specifications and applications.


Tower 05

Light duty tower system made of standard HT34 straight pieces belongs to the Quicklock Truss family also referred to as spigot / spigoted truss. The tower itself allows the trusses to be lifted to 6,5 m (21,3 ft) with the maximum loading limit being 500 kg (1102 lb). Specially designed tower base, or as we call it tower set, consists of several important parts.


For example collapsible aluminum outriggers, which form the proper tower base, once opened up and secured ensuring the column’s stability, are one of them. However, there are others such as aluminum sleeve block for 290 x 290 mm (12 x 12 inch) truss attachment, hand winch, and top section. This way you get everything you need for successful installation in one neat package. The base is on wheels and thus it is very easy to move the complete set around.


Tower 05 is a perfect solution for building smaller truss grids, roof systems, goal posts, LED frames etc. using the box truss FT34 and HT34. It is easy to stack and transport.   


Tower 1

This tower system fits into the medium duty section of products. The straight parts of the tower are from TT34 tower truss series especially designed for this vertical application as it consists of 50 x 4 mm (2 x 0,16 inch) main tubes, which makes this truss the strongest version of 290 x 290 mm (12 x 12 inch) truss in our portfolio.


The tower base is made of large steel profiles as well as the outriggers. The sleeve block is made of steel plates bolted together and it includes the rigging eyes for secondary safety securing as well as for the guy wires. The sliding block is quite versatile as it accommodates triangular trusses and square or box trusses of two dimensions – FT-TT34 - 290 x 290 mm (12 x 12 inch) and FT-TT44 - 400 x 400 mm (16 x 16 inch).


The maximum lifting height with this type of tower system is 7,5 m (26,4 ft). Tower 1 is also a part of many roof system and LED frame designs that we offer as predesigned solutions. The loading capacity limit of the tower is 1000 kg (2205 lb). It can be operated by manual chain hoist or a rigging motor.


Tower 2

Heavy duty tower system for building of larger truss grids, LED frames and roof systems. It is a stronger and larger version of the previous tower system. The vertical truss used in this system is TT44. The steel base profiles and outriggers are adjusted in size and strength to fit the maximal lifting height of 12 m (39,4 ft) with maximum allowable load of 2000 kg (4409 lb).


There are 7 different versions of the sleeve blocks for Tower 2 system produced as standard items. They differ based on what types of trusses you plan to use the tower with. Basically, the sleeve block versions cover attachment possibilities of FT-TT44 trussing series and also of TT54 and TT74 trusses. The most popular version of the Tower 2 sleeve block is TGS-SB-1 as it includes all three connection sizes for the mentioned trusses on each side of the sleeve block and thus it is the most universal block in terms of usage.


There is also a new version of the sleeve block that we have been promoting in recent days and that is TGS-SB-TT104, which is able to accommodate the TT104 truss series.


Tower 2 can be operated by rigging motors of proper strength given its loading capacity and large scale structures that it is usually part of.



The abbreviation stands for tower of FTB-L series. That means it is a tower system designed in order to accommodate the 12” bolted or plated truss. It is only one tower system in our portfolio aimed at the bolted connection type of trusses and as such it is also made out of the FTB-L straight truss pieces.


Apart from the specially designed sleeve block, there is also an important part functioning as hinge section for bolted truss that makes it possible to erect the tower properly and without significant effort.


The maximum lifting height of TFTB-L tower system is 7,5 m (24,6 ft) and loading capacity reaches 1000 kg (2205 lb). The medium duty tower can be operated either by hand winch or rigging motor.


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