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Tower 05

The lightest type out of those three tower systems is our Tower 05.  While using basically HT34 truss line as its main component, it can still be build up to 6,5m and with declared 500kgs maximum loading capacity we have used it standardly as support component in several custom made roof systems. Other than that we also have a standard roof system called Gable roof 8x6x6,1m that is using these towers and its max. equipped loading capacity is 2000kgs.


The tower itself is made out of several individual components (Specifications) that create the functional column. Probably the most important part is  so called Tower Set 05 which is the base of the entire structure. It is a truss base unit that includes outriggers, levelling feet, 900kgs handwinch with steel rope, hinges for erecting the tower, sleeve block and top section with safety hooks. There is also a set of two wheels mounted to the bottom frame of the set in order to ensure its easy handling around the working site or while transporting it from on place to another. All you need to add up to the set are straight truss segments from the HT34 series to create the maximum allowed height of the column of 6,1m. Tower set 05 weighs ca. 78Kg and its transport dimensions are 610x610x1765mm.


There are only a few basic steps that make it extremely fast and easy to assemble the Tower 05. First, you have to roll out the Tower 05 Set to the place where the structure is going to be used, put down the supportive outriggers and level the base. Then remove the top section in order to release the hinges for straight parts attachment. Assemble the tower leg by putting the HT34 straight segments together (i.e. 2pcs of HT34-200) and place the top section on one end of the leg. After that it is necessary to run the handwinch steel rope with hook through the inside of the truss leg and the top section. Make sure the rope is safely  placed in the plastic wheels groove in the top section and pull out the proper length of the roppe that enables it to get back to the sleeve block eye at the Tower 05 set. Once you manage this, you simply slide the open tower leg end onto the hinges and tilt the leg up. Then secure the hook at the end of the steel rope to the sleeve block and lfit the sleeve block up by handwinch. Once the sleeve block reaches the top of the leg it is necessary to use secondary safety hooks (TT SH) to connect the top section and sleeve block through the free rigging eyes.


The complete set up of the tower takes max. 20 minutes in two people after the unpacking of the goods. It is necessary to check the goods for any damage before building up the Tower 05 set up. Please note that it might be necessary to have any truss structure calculated by certified static engineer according to the rules valid for the location in which the set up is build.


We sold over 200pcs of Tower 05 last 10 years.


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