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The World's Biggest Trampoline with TAF TT44 Truss

The impressive versatility of TAF truss has been proven across many different projects and applications over the past 26 years of TAF's existence, but how about using it to create the world's biggest trampoline?!

That was the question posed by Dunking Devils, CEOs of crazy stunts, who came up with the idea to create the world's biggest trampoline. To achieve their dream, they used our TT44 truss (400mm x 400mm with Quicklock connection system) to serve as the strong, rigid frame for their trampoline vision. TAF's TT44 truss line features very high load bearing capacity and heavy duty performance characteristics, which was necessary for this unique project. 


The resulting frame was specially designed with respect to the unique distributed and dynamic loads that would be experienced when the trampoline was in full use by jumpers. The frame consist of straight beams and corners with the quicklock connection system, which offers a high level of strength and durability, while still making it very easy to assemble. As the frame is exposed to significant dynamic forces, it had to be reviewed by a structural engineer, so a static assessment could be made.  As all loading charts for TAF truss are calculated for static structures, this was a necessity. 


The final result was a trampoline frame that supported a 12 x 12 meter (39 x 39 ft) trampoline net held in place with 36 straps and 300 springs. Suspended 15 meters (49 ft) in the air, it launched jumpers to unbelievable heights and super spiked their adrenaline levels!


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About TAF TT44 Truss Line


The main tubes of TT44 truss are Ø 50/4.0 and the diagonal braces are Ø25/3.0 tubes. The connection system is designed with spigots (quicklock connection system), which is a type of pin connection with an inner conical connector secured with steel pins (spigots) at the end of main chords (tubes). The ends are modified by welding a special cone on the tubes. The inner conical connector has effective Ø of approx. 29 mm. Connections are made with two pins – Ø 12-67 - conical in a ratio of 1:20, max. diam. of 11,95 mm, and length of 67,0 mm. The manufacturing class of all our trusses is EXC 2.


Redefining the Limits of Truss


This trampoline project shows yet another unconventional application that uses TAF truss and we are proud to have been a part of it. The project was realized in cooperation with our representative in Slovenia, the rental company STRC.

For your next project, don't just "think" outside the box.  SMASH THROUGH IT with TAF truss!

Contact us on 01922 495 396 or sales@taf-uk.com with your unconventional ideas and we'll help you bring them to life.

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