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Sustainable Development

In the last couple of decades have been most of the big manufacturing companies and their production lines scrutinized with respect to the environmental aspects of their production. The effects of industrialization on our environment and nature can be measured, described and handled in many different ways. As the main material for our production is aluminum we take the impacts of truss manufacturing industry on the nature seriously.


Truss manufacturing means TIG and MIG welding of aluminum profiles together. Production of aluminum itself as well as its farther processing into aluminum ingots and extrusion of profiles is done in several environmentally challenging steps. Large amounts of CO2 are produced during the alu profiles manufacturing and we are proud to work with EXTRAL Sp.o.o. as our aluminum profiles supplier for many years since our understanding of Sustainable Development is the same.


For couple of years now EXTRAL Sp.o.o., has been working in accordance with the UN goals of sustainable development agenda and has taken several steps towards better environmental impact of their production processes. The company has worked on lowering their carbon footprint very hard and thanks to annual audits we now know that they managed to lower the CO2 emission of their production in last three years well below their long term goal. The target number was 0.5 t eq CO2 which was later on lowered to 0.4 t eq and the last achieved and measured result was emission of only 0.32.


Our companies keep working on the positive trend of decreasing the carbon footprint year to year and also upgrading energy saving processes and paper waste management in our production lines.


Apart from these steps the EXTRAL Sp.o.o. is now entitled to buy used aluminum from the market and recycle it in their profile extrusion processes which is yet another large step towards environmental friendly manufacturing and sustainable development of aluminum profiles production.


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