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Stable Support At Height

TAF’s towers offer you the strength and stability you need when supporting high loads at height. Perfect for outdoor and indoor events, their compact design allows for the efficient use of space. Both towers come with a sleeve block, top section, base plate and outriggers as standard.


The base plate and outriggers on each tower are equipped with spindles that allow for convenient leveling when on uneven ground. The base plate also features attachment points for use with wire ropes, a hand winch or a manual/motorized chain hoist. Ballast can be added with the use of TAF’s ballast frame, making it an integral part of the tower.


Tower 1

  • Perfect for use with larger roof structures and support of large LED screens
  • Constructed from TT34 truss segments with quicklock connection system for fast and easy construction
  • 7.5 m max. height
  • 1000 kg max. loading

Click here to learn more about Tower 1.


Tower 05

  • Light duty tower for smaller setups
  • Use of HT34 truss with quicklock connection system allows for fast and easy setup
  • 6.5 m max. height
  • 850 kg max. loading
  • Comes with hand winch and steel rope

Click here to learn more about Tower 05.


Contact us on 01922 495 396 or sales@taf-uk.com for more information or to request a price quote.


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