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Rectangular truss comes handy

There are several rectangular shaped trusses on the market usually from the heavy duty truss categories. However, one truss line stands outside this box. The rectangular FTR4030 truss system combines the neatness of smaller best-selling trusses while maintaining very decent loading features.

The overall dimensions of 290 x 400 mm (12 x 16 inch) are great for reasonably easy stacking of the truss. Main tubes are from 50 x 3 mm pipes (2 x 0.12”) and the side braces 25 x 3 mm (1 x 0.12”). Specifically designed bracing combines the advantages of diagonal cross bracing on the longer sides of the truss, and the standard horizontal, or straight bracing, in the shorter sides of the trussing segments.

This application of two bracing variants makes the FTR4030 system unique. The diagonal braces support the main pipes at many points and ensure the strength and stability of the complete system, whereas the horizontal bracing, forming a ladder at the short side of the truss piece, are great for easy mounting of moving heads and other equipment. The “ladder” braces also play an important role in reducing the torsion effect coming from the one side loading of the truss.

The FTR4030 truss line is tested and certified for span up to 18 m (59 ft) with almost double the loading charts than standard FT34 truss line. That is why these trusses are very popular with many production and rental companies as equipment carrying beams in more complicated truss structures such as roof systems and large span grids. The rectangular trusses are also great for vertical application as towers and leg supports.


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