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Powder coating

For several years there has been an increasing demand from the event production industry for truss structures in various colours among which the most popular is a standard black matt colour. The trusses can  be basically powder coated in any RAL colour with several types of shine levels.


However, the black matt colour is the most favourite one for two basic reasons. First, the matt ensure that there is no reflection coming from the truss which is very important for any camera recorded event (TV sows, live broadcasts, concerts etc.). Second reason is that the black matt powder coated truss becomes almost invidible as far as the shwo is concerned and does not cause any distraction to the main event on the stage.


In general, the standard black powder coating finish comes out as a smooth layer of coat on the surface of the truss. The coating is very consistent and is suitable for high end installations where design matters the most. For touring and rental purposes we would recommend to use as we called it structural powder coating where the coat is more harsh and the overal finish shows more plasticity. It is harder to remove from the truss and it is dent and scratch resistent to higher level than the standard coat. We provide both these options so everyone gets the best solution for their project. 


Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing dry powder through evaporating solvent to the product and then cured under the heat. It is necessary to remove all oil, dirt, grease, metal oxides etc. Prior to the application of the powder coat in order to ensure satisfying results of the complete proces. The coated product is then cured at temperatures around 200°C for 10-15minutes depending on the used paint and thickness of the coating.


We are working with highly professional powder coaters and that gives us great confidentiality in the final coated product.


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