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LED screens can be found almost anywhere and are widely used for presentation of many kinds of products, events and broadcasts. As LED screens became very popular in the event and marketing industries, the demand for reliable supporting structure of LED screen occurred naturally.

Many sporting, entertainment and public events are organized temporarily both outside and inside with the everlasting requirement of having the proper quality and size of LED screen at hand in order to create the right broadcasting and promotional effect on the attendees.

There are many options regarding the size and weight of LED screens. Based on experience of our customers from production, installation and rental businesses, we developed three basic types of standard LED screen support or as we called them LED frames. These are able to accommodate 15m2 (LED frame 1), 24m2 (LED frame 2) and 48m2 (LED frame 3) sizes of the screens. The designs of all three standardized supporting structures are properly calculated for the maximum wind speed of 20m/s according to the EU standards. Hanging screens is always a matter of safety and professionality of both the installers and manufactures. Each LED screen support in our portfolio comes with full static calculation and our engineering team is always ready to help you out with any questions that may come up.

TAF LED frames can be built from truss products available in our standard truss portfolio, i.e. if you already have a stock of some pieces it is highly possible that you are not going to need to buy complete structure but just several pieces in order to get going with your LED screen support installation.

Apart from the standardized LED frames that we offer, the custom solutions are available upon request and we will be delighted to help you out with any special requirements considering the building of a proper, safe and sound LED screen support structure.



The LED screen ground support LED FRAME 1 is made of Tower 1 parts (TT34, top section, sleeve block etc.) for the vertical supports, FT44 truss in the horizontal top beam and FT34 trussing segments used to create the proper and stable base of the structure on the ground. The total weight of the structure itself is 650kg (1433 lb).




The vertical towers are basically Tower 2 sets from our portfolio and the FT44 trusses are used to create the base of the complete structure on the ground. The total weight of the structure itself is 850Kg (1874 lb). The complete list of components that are necessary for assembly is available on request.




The largest standardized ground support for the LED screen in our portfolio can accommodate screen size up to 8x6m (26,2 x 19,7ft). The maximum area size of the screen is then 48m2, with this size of the screen a necessary safety truss beam was added to the structure at the bottom of the LED screen to which the screen itself must be attached.



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