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Crowd management has become a crucial part of immense importance at popular cultural, political and sport events where the attendance goes to higher thousands of visitors. It is not always easy to manage huge crowds properly and protect both the performers and attendees at the same time. In order to make life easier for event organizers, security personnel or venue managers the crowd control barriers were developed over the years. There are several materials the barriers can be made of. The first ones were probably made of timber which was replaced in the course of time by steel, aluminum and plastic.


Each of these materials have its benefits, however, aluminum crowd control barriers present probably the best mixture of the most important characteristics for proper crowd management. The crowd barriers in our portfolio are a perfect example of such features. They are strong, sturdy and rigid enough to deal with high forces while being relatively light and easily removable. All our barrier products are easily collapsible and stackable either on pallets or in transport dollies.


TAF barriers are structurally made of two parts - horizontal base and vertical wall with top handle - which are connected by stiffening rods. Each barrier is equipped with connection spigots on one side of the base as well as the vertical part and spigot receivers on the other in order to make the linkage between two items as comfortable as possible. Once the barriers are slid into each other they must be secured by bolts and nuts.


We carry three different types of barrier in our standard barrier portfolio in order to cover all the main features necessary for a successful crowd control strategy.


Barrier Base (BR-B)

It is a basic crowd barrier unit designed to create straight lines of barrier wall for space division or space protection where needed. The vertical part is also equipped with a small standing platform that can be used as a standing point for the security personnel.


Barrier Gate (BR-G)

This item is a specific type of crowd barrier that is equipped with opening gate and special 550mm gap at the bottom of the gate for cable management. The gate enables fast access of the security or medical staff into the protected area. It also works as enter or exit point for cables and cable lines.


Barrier Vario Corner (BR-V)

Vario corner represents a universal crowd barrier corner. It can be adjusted into whatever angle is desired from – 90° to + 90° and instead of having fixed corners in certain angles, this barrier can be generally used to create any angle, consequently, saving a lot of storage space and costs for any installer. It is easy to create closed areas of barrier lines with the Vario corner.


All three types of our barriers are designed to create a strong interconnected walls or lines of barriers for crowd control. Their vertical wall height is of course unified to 1,2 m (3.94 ft). They are TUV certified and tested by real life as our barrier products have been part of many big events so far.


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