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Adjustable U-Torm 5579

 There are a lot of items in our extensive U-Torm or also called U-Frame portfolio. Most of them are designed as fixed U-shaped frames welded from various types of tubes with several varying features that can be closed by top bar of corresponding size. However, there is only one type of truly universal modular U-Frame system and that is our item No. 5579.


The adjustable U-Torm comes as package already with integrated cross bar that can slide up or down the side pipes. There are seven different positions in which the cross bar can be fixed to the U-Frame by standard pins and clips. That means the U-Torm can be flexibly adjusted to seven different shapes/sizes depending on the dimensions of the applied gear (lights, speakers, bars etc.) or your design plan. The tubes used are 50 x 3 mm and 48 x 3 mm in diameters, which makes the frame rigid enough for heavier items suspension.


On both ends of the side pipes can be found standard quicklock welding connectors for fast and easy connection either with FT31 pipes or other U-Frames. The connection can be customized on request. As all the U-Torm products this adjustable frame grants you great freedom in creativity and helps a lot with building hanging points in tight areas where standard truss supports would be difficult to place.


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