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A cornerstone of TAF production

Martin Reznicek was the first employee when TAF owner, Jaroslav Rozboril, started the company in 1998. For the past twenty-five years, Martin has led TAF’s welding team and continues to be a strong, stabilizing force on many levels in the TAF factory. We recently took a trip down memory lane with Martin to learn more about his early years, start with TAF and current role in the production of its extensive range of high-quality products.


1. When did you decide to become a welder and what welding or other experience did you have before starting at TAF?


While in school, I studied to be a locksmith and worked on lathes, milling machines and drills, as well as other equipment. I also took a basic welding course. In 1995, I landed my first job at Sternberske stavokonstrukce, which is a Czech construction company. During my time there, I held various positions in the production department - from cutting and drilling to welding iron trusses. 


I then had an internship in Luxembourg, where I focused on welding. This really helped with the development of my skills. Afterwards, I served a mandatory year in the Czech army. Following my discharge, I returned to welding and locksmithing, as well as the manufacturing of bridges and halls.


2.  When did you meet Jaroslav Rozboril and what events led up to you being the very first welder, and employee, at TAF?


I met Jaroslav in the Czech city of Stepanov when he was recruiting welders for his new company. He needed welders who were proficient in TIG welding, a different type of welding than with CO2, which is the welding I normally carried out at the time. TIG welding was a blessing for me, as it was not as messy and provided me with more peace of mind. Our first products were aluminum bar stools, and these same stools are still in our product portfolio today!


3.  What are your job responsibilities at TAF and how would you describe a typical day in the factory?


My current position is Quality Manager, but I also wear a lot of other hats: from practical and theoretical training of new welders and consulting on technological procedures and new technologies with the technical department, to transferring information to the production department and carrying out product inspections.


4. Can you tell us about some memorable projects during your 25 year history at TAF?


I’m proud of every roof that we’ve designed and constructed. It feels good to know that we have done a good job. But if I had to choose a standout TAF project over the years, it would have to be the structure we designed for „Romeo and Juliet on Ice“ in 2003. In second place would be the enormous roof we designed and built in 2005, which was the biggest roof in the Czech Republic at the time.


5.  Do you take part in any extracurricular activities?


I enjoy all types of recreational sports, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be soccer.


8 Fryers Road, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 7LZ (WS2 7NA) United Kingdom