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5-Point Truss Means More Flexibility In Suspension

We have extended square format truss with a bottom chord to provide ideal solution for clamping accessories. New product line TT45 with the quick-lock system connection features, while keeping light weight, extra load bearing capacity and versatile application.


The design of TT45 originated from the standard 400x400mm (16x16 inch) square truss series. However, there are a few differences of course. While the main truss dimensions stayed the same, there are now 5 main tubes in TT45 instead of 4 main tubes in the standard model. The main tubes specifications are Ø 50 mm/4 mm (2.0 x 0.01 inch). The extra bottom chord represents an added value of keeping clamped accessories in a balanced position. LED screens or any hanging accesories are thanks to the centre chord much easier to be connected to the truss system.  Within the TT45 line there are available straight segment lengths up to 300 cm.  


The centre bottom tube is connected to the outer chord by cross tubes with same dimensions Ø 50/4.0mm – ladder style horizontal bracing in the bottom face. The top horizontal and both vertical sides of this truss are equipped with diagonal braces from tubes – dimensions Ø 25/3.0mm. 


Truss TT45 is a turnkey solution for all riggers and event providers. “A need to develop this kind of truss came from our clients. They build large truss systems out of our products and use state-of-the-art LED walls, lighting systems etc. Thus we are pursued to provide safe truss component that our clients can rely on.” says Petr Haflant, Sales Manager.


The truss series TT45 is fully compatible with other truss components manufactured by Truss Aluminium Factory. With the use of quick-lock connection type TAF has utilized its long-term expertise to this brand new truss called TT45 which is extending TAF’s product portfolio.


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