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ZL Production Helps Explode the 90s


As a final blowout at the end of the 2023 summer season, our client ZL Production provided a massive roof structure to organizers of the "90s Explosion” concert in Brno, Czech Republic. 


This famous outdoor concert, which is the largest in the Moravian region of the country, featured famous international bands from the 90s, such as 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat, and Snap!, together with many well-known Czech bands from that time period.


In keeping with event’s reputation as “the largest”, it featured a TAF roof that measured 15m x 12m, with wings, that was used to cover an immense 390m2 stage. The roof’s 7t loading capacity was fully utilized to safely support the extreme amount of lighting and sound equipment that helped light up the stage and push music out to more than 17,000 music fans in attendance.


When asked about his experience with the roof, Technical Director David Steiniger said, “An extremely unique feature of this colossal TAF roof, which allows for a maximum size of 19.5m x 15m, is that it can be completely constructed within one day by six experienced riggers and sixteen assistants. In addition, all of its components can fit into one truck. For a roof this size, we would normally need close to three trucks! This is one of the many reasons we are happy with TAF products, in addition to the high level of customer service they provide.”


The success of the event, supported by the roof structure that held everything up, further cemented “90s Explosion” as the “the” music event in the region and served as a fitting tribute to the end of summer.


ZL Production is one of the leading event production companies in the Czech Republic and long-time TAF customer. They offer comprehensive production and design services, including audio/video and ground support, for small to large concerts, festivals and corporate events. You can read more about ZL Production and their services at www.zlproduction.cz/en/.

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