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Modular U-Frame truss item for light and other equipment suspension with safety eyes for product securing by steel ropes. The safety pins go to the connection on one pipe from the outside and on the second from the inside of the frame. The frame is made of standard 50 x 2 mm (2 x 0.08 inch) pipes. U-Frames can be interconnected into one line or various shapes introducing new design possibilities for creative designers and show producers. The U-Frames help to create hanging points or rigging points at tight spots where standard truss or bulk supports cannot be used. Standard quick-lock connection makes it possible to use FT31 pipes with the U-Frames, however, any type of connection is available on request. 



60x100 cm (23.62x39.37


2,8 kg (6.17 lb)
CEPowder coating available

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